10 Little Things That Make You Gain Weight

One of the most universal nightmares is to gain weight involuntarily. This fact is not negative in a few proportions, but if we talk about aesthetics, it could affect the vision you have of your body and the visible results of your exercise.

Many people tend to sabotage the results of their training because of certain habits that could make them acquire more fat than they should. These people choose to try diets or avoid certain foods, without realizing that they lose weight beyond a change in diet.

Meet 10 small mistakes that you make throughout the day that explain why you are gaining weight involuntarily.

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10 Habits that make you gain weight

1.Eat fast

The routines of many are loaded with assignments, work, activities that subtract minutes from the hours where you should take some time to think and enjoy.

The time to eat can be that time to slow down the day and feel all the flavors and textures that a dish can give you. In the scientific aspect, eating fast inhibits the brain from processing the feeling of satiety, so, those who eat very fast, do not give the brain enough time to generate the response and stop eating.

2.Not drinking enough water

The state of dehydration is much more usual in everyday life than you think. Adults are not organized to always have a glass of water on hand, which certainly contributes zero calories.

For the organism, thirst can be confused with hunger , so you should ask yourself when you feel like eating something, if in fact you need a glass of water. Similarly, if the water seems boring, you can add flavorings such as lemon or your favorite fruit.

3.Be very sociable

Incredibly, the fact of having many friendships and social encounters could be a factor that makes you gain weight. The explanation to this is that, when you have many friends who demand meetings in cafes or restaurants, the most likely thing is that you do not keep your diet balanced or free of fats.

4.Not getting enough sleep

Having difficulty sleeping or just not giving it the importance it deserves is strongly related to weight gain as a result of hormonal changes and lack of energy to exercise.

You must sleep at least 7 hours to avoid being seriously affected by lack of sleep.

5.Not having time to relax

The stress is a serious problem and one of the common causes of fat gain in the body.

Being under stress or anxiety may arouse the apparent need to eat foods high in simple carbohydrates and sugars.

6.Eat in very large plates

As insignificant as it may seem, making a change in the dishes or containers you eat in may help you avoid overeating.

Multiple studies have shown that eating in very large dishes can confuse the brain and make you think you are eating small portions. Eating in the right dishes will prevent you from eating more than you should and will not affect your weight.

7.Eat while you are distracted

Many people do not release their phones at the time of the meal. Surfing the Internet, contacting friends, watching videos and other usual practices distract you from the act of eating.

This distraction leads to an increase in food consumption. Also, by not paying attention to the amount of food eaten, you could even eat more during the course of the day.

8.Drink calories

Many people only consider calorie intake without taking into account what they usually take during the day. Drinks such as packaged juices, natural juices or soft drinks may be making you gain weight.

The brain processes differently the foods consumed in drinks, so sometimes we usually feel hungrier when we have consumed a food in its liquid alternative.

9.Eat lots of healthy fats

Avocado, salmon or olive oil are extremely healthy sources of fatty acids such as Omega-3, responsible for many biological processes in your body. While the consumption of healthy fats should be mandatory for a healthy diet, eating too many good fats may not be as beneficial for your caloric intake.

The good fats contain high levels of calories, so it is important to properly balance the plates to achieve balance in your diet.

10.Go to the supermarket without the shopping list

When you go out to buy food you are bombarded by too many offers and attractive products waiting for you to fall into their networks. However, buying impulsively can lead your way to weight gain and fat consumption.

The way to defeat impulse buying is very simple. You just need to have a shopping list that contains enough vegetables, proteins and variety to feel satisfied.


Beyond exercise or diet, the little bad habits are those that could be causing you to gain weight without your consent. Change a bad habit and learn a new one so that you can see all the benefits it could bring to your life and, of course, to the maintenance of your body.


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