What are the 15 Tips that Helps to Lose weight Beyond Diets?



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ting a healthy diet is essential to lose weight; but follow some tricks and tips will also help you in this new stage of weight loss. We show you some tips to lose weight beyond the diets. Thus, you will not be forced to follow a certain diet to lose some weight.

Tips to Lose Weight Beyond the Diets

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1. Drink Water Frequently

Especially before meals, drinking a good amount of water will allow us to accelerate the metabolism during a period of between one and one and half hours. In addition, it will allow us to maintain a correct hydration.

2. Eat Eggs at Breakfast

Including the eggs at breakfast and replace with them the intake of cereals or cookies with a high content of sugar will allow us to increase the feeling of satiety during the following hours. In addition, it will provide us with a good amount of proteins, whose good properties will contribute to a more effective weight loss.

3. Drink Black Coffee

Coffee has been badly talked about in terms of its inclusion in a healthy diet. However, this product is full of antioxidants. With these nutrients,

“We can accelerate our metabolism, with its consequent greater elimination of fats”.

4. Drink Green Tea

Green tea contains small amounts of caffeine but also includes powerful antioxidants called catequi nas, which work synergistically with caffeine to enhance the effect of burning fat.

5. Cooking with Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is very healthy. It is high in medium chain triglycerides, which are metabolized differently than other fats. Anyway, the idea is not to add it to something that has already been cooked in a traditional way, but to replace with coconut oil some of the fats that are usually used for cooking.

6. Eat Less Added Sugars

If you want to lose weight, you need to reduce the consumption of added sugar. Therefore, make sure you read the food labels well, since many supposedly healthy products are sometimes full of sugar.

7. Eat Less Refined Carbohydrates

Refined carbohydrates, usually, are sugars or grains that have been stripped of their fibrous and nutritious parts. This type of carbohydrates raises the level of sugar in the blood, with a consequent sensation of hunger in the way of cravings.

8. Use Smaller Plates

Although it may seem impossible at first sight, using smaller plates usually results in a lower food intake automatically. This supposes a better control of the quantities of food and a lower consumption of calories.

9. Have More Healthy Foods on Hand

On many occasions, when we feel hungry between meals, we resort to the first thing we have at hand. In this way, we usually satiate the sudden appetite with unhealthy foods. However, having products such as fruit or cereal bars to eat mid-morning or mid-afternoon will allow us to reduce this excessive consumption of calories and lose weight beyond the diets.

10. Brush Your Teeth Right After Dinner

It is very advisable to brush your teeth right after dinner, as it will prevent the temptation to take any more food and will help us control the appetite and the feeling of fullness.

11. Increase the Use of Spices in Dishes

Some spices, such as cayenne pepper, contain components that allow us to accelerate our metabolism. On the other hand, the powerful flavor of many spices makes us feel fuller with a smaller amount of food.

12. Lifting Weights to Lose Weight Beyond Diets

One of the bad collateral effects of dieting is that it tends to favor muscle loss and slowing of the metabolism. The best way to prevent this is to do some kind of resistance exercise, such as lifting weights. This can keep the metabolism accelerated and prevent the loss of muscle mass.

13. Chew Slower

Often, it takes a while for the brain to record that it has eaten enough. Therefore, getting used to chewing slower helps consume fewer calories by making our brain reach the feeling of fullness before.

14. Do Not Drink High-Calorie Products

To reduce the unnecessary consumption of calories to a large extent, it is advisable to avoid products such as soft drinks or juices with added sugars. These drinks are not recommended for health, due to their high calorie content and their low nutritional properties.

15. Eat More Protein

A high protein intake, especially in the mornings, favors our metabolism to accelerate during the following hours. This will help us burn more calories with our basal metabolism and you will lose weight beyond the diets.


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