15 Ways To Cut 500 Calories A Day

To lose weight, you must consider some goals that you must meet daily, but the main one is to control the way you eat your food.

Leaving bad eating habits is very important in order to reach the desired weight. If you have a good diet, in a week you can lose about a kilo naturally and without painful treatments. In this way, in order to achieve the state of health that you long for or simply have a good physical condition, you must leave aside some eating habits that you considered healthy.

Discover 14 ways to cut at least 500 calories a day.

How to cut 500 calories daily

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1.Remove slices of bread

Two slices of bread with mayonnaise can have an amount of 550 calories, even much more than what we have in mind to reduce daily. However rich it may be, we must stop consuming them in order to begin to notice the changes we want. Avoid eating slices of bread with mayonnaise to reduce calories

2.Do not drink margarita cocktails

A glass of this liquor can contain a large amount of calories, around 800 calories at least. Surprised? Yes, much more than a meal. A margarita cocktail has 800 calories

3.Take black coffee without sugar

Eliminate coffee with milk from your life, or at least when you want to reduce your weight. The coffee with milk provides about 220 calories; while black coffee without sugar contains only 2 calories. Coffee with milk has 200 calories

4.Chew slower at mealtime

Research suggests that chewing food at least twice as much at the time of eating can make you feel more satisfied with less food. If you make this advice you can reduce by food a minimum of 100 to 120 calories, eliminating 400 calories per day. How to eliminate calories by chewing more food

5.Eat plenty of water instead of soft drinks

For every soda or soft drink that you change for water, you can save almost 200 calories. In this way, if you exchange at least three sodas a day for water you can save 500 calories in a very easy way.

We all know that water is the main drink that should be consumed before and after exercising, since it hydrates us 100% and helps us lose weight. Replacing soft drinks with water helps save calories

6.Avoid processed or street foods

To take a healthy diet, you must first start by leaving the bad eating habits, this includes leaving behind the prefabricated meals or street stalls.

Street foods are not very healthy, especially those that are rich in fats like hamburgers, or chips. Therefore, it is recommended that the person cook their own food to easily control the levels of calories you want to consume. Avoiding processed foods decreases the number of calories daily

7.Take the time and go for a walk

The most active people burn 350 calories more than people who are inactive. If you do not have time for work to do it, it is recommended that you take advantage of your rest time and go for a walk to eliminate additional calories. Walk to lose weight

8.Exercise before breakfast

Exercising before breakfast can help you save about 520 calories per day. Also, eliminating snacks during the night helps people consume 240 fewer calories during the day.

9.Eliminate potato chips

If you want to make a good diet you must completely eliminate this food from your life or at least during the time you make such a diet. A serving of fries includes a total of 645 calories, so we recommend you look for healthier options.Avoid eating chips decreases daily calorie level

10.Substitute red meat for fungi

If you replace red meat with mushrooms you are saving a large amount of 444 calories per plate.

At the time of ingesting this food it can be as satisfactory as eating meat, and it will be better even with other types of vegetables.How to reduce calories by replacing red meat with mushrooms

11.Leave the phone at lunchtime

People who tend to pay more attention to the phone at lunchtime often forget their food. This has the consequence that people feel less full and eat much more food in the next hours of the day.

If you leave this habit aside, you would save about 200 calories a day.

12.Control your stress levels

People who have a high level of stress can get to eat more than 100 calories a day.

To reduce your stress look for activities that help you control your anxiety levels. This will help you eat much healthier. How to reduce calories by controlling stress levels

13.Chewing gum to reduce anxiety

While a person chews gum keeps his brain busy, which keeps the person distracted, freeing them of anxieties.

Chewing gum without sugar at least twice a day, in the morning hours and in the afternoon can help you not consume more calories than you should .How to lower calorie levels by chewing gum

14.Go for a walk

A walk of at least an hour can help you lose weight, burning about 90 and 120 calories.

It is recommended to make a walk where the march is fast, that is to say, that the steps that are much faster than the usual ones that you give at the time of walking. A walk of one hour can burn 100 calories


If you’re looking to reduce weight in a healthy way. You must implement the aforementioned tips. These are a mixture of good nutrition, exercises and some good habits that you must implement in your daily life. You should also take into account that if you want to reduce weight, you must have a good aptitude to help you achieve your goals.


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