What are the 5 Fad Diets that put Your Health at Risk?

To lose weight we resort to fad diets quite dangerous to our health. We show you below 5 kinds of unhealthy diets. For reasons of aesthetics and health, many people feel the need to adopt a diet to lose weight. It is true that this process depends on many factors; nevertheless, food is one of the key aspects to achieve it. The problem is that most resort to fad diets. In the eagerness to achieve a satisfactory change in a short time, some decide to adopt strict and restrictive plans that, although they allow dropping Weight in a matter of days, with time they can produce unwanted reactions in the organism.

The most worrying thing is that the importance of eating balanced is still ignored and, in spite of the risks, thousands are left to those regimes that are nothing more than fashion. Which are the most popular? Why should they be avoided? In this opportunity we have compiled 5 types of diets that can be harmful to health.

Fad Diets that can be Dangerous

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1. Grapefruit or Grapefruit Diet

Grapefruit (or grapefruit) is a delicious citrus fruit that gained fame for its ability to promote weight loss.

“It is very low in calories and contains essential nutrients that support both the digestive process and the metabolism”.

Despite these qualities, the grapefruit diet has positioned itself as one of the most dangerous fad diets, since the plan involves a significant reduction of calories and essential nutrients. It consists of consuming grapefruit only for 3 days of the week. Of course, it allows losing weight in a notorious way, although with many risks.

This diet can cause:

  • Feeling fatigue and dizziness
  • Episodes of anxiety
  • Digestive disorders and diarrhea
  • Severe nutritional deficiencies

2. Fasting Diet

The fasting diet has gained much fame in recent years and, in fact, there is a documentary and book about it. It was created by Dr. Michael Mosley and is one of the plans that help achieve quick results. Its main characteristic is that it eliminates the first meal of the day: breakfast. Therefore, one of the most important energy sources for the organism is restricted. Skipping breakfast is not synonymous with “saving calories.” When these foods are not provided to the body, the brain reacts and takes energy from the muscles destroying them little by little.

Other negative effects include:

  • Slow metabolism
  • Feeling tired and dizzy
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Digestive problems or constipation
  • Anorexy

3. Strict Vegan Diet

In recent decades, vegan fad diets have taken a lot of force. Although for many it is a lifestyle, others consider them the best method to lose weight in a short time. Organic fruits and vegetables are the best allies of diets that cannot be denied. However, since there must be a balance with other foods, some of these plans can be very dangerous. By completely eliminating foods of animal origin, the vegan diet lacks vitamin B12 that is necessary for neuronal development. Those who adopt it should consider consuming a supplement. On the other hand, it is necessary to increase the consumption of some sources of protein. There are many plant foods that can provide this nutrient in fair amounts.

A poorly planned vegan diet can cause:

  • Poor absorption of essential minerals
  • Digestive difficulties
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Feeling fatigue

4. Egg Diet

In the popular egg diet the consumption of 6 egg portions a day is suggested, accompanied only by garnishes of fruits and vegetables. We know that the egg is a healthy food that can provide many of the essential nutrients; In spite of this, this diet can be harmful, since it does not meet the characteristics of a balanced diet.

Maintaining this diet can cause:

  • Decompensations and nutritional deficiencies
  • Weakness or lethargy
  • Cholesterol decontrol
  • Constipation and bad breath
  • Rebound effect

5. Atkins Diet

The main characteristic of this diet is that it eliminates the group of carbohydrates and sugars, to be based on the free intake of proteins and fat. The body, by depleting its sources of glycogen, begins to use these nutrients as an energy source. This produces a concentration of ketone bodies that, although they allow losing weight, can deteriorate the health of important organs.

Its consequences include:

  • Metabolic alterations
  • Decontrol in the pH of the body
  • Excess of uric acid
  • Neural, cardiac and respiratory difficulties
  • Impaired liver and kidney function
  • Problems of concentration and memory
  • Bone wear

Choosing these fad diets can facilitate weight loss; however, before adopting any, it is fundamental to consider its negative effects and the current state of health. The best way to achieve a healthy and balanced weight is with a balanced diet and physical exercise.

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