6 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Dandruff

Although we do not believe it, dandruff affects up to 50% of people. This condition is usually very annoying, and it is almost certain that most of that 50 percent look for a way to get rid of it.

Dandruff can cause itchy scalp, and can even make our hair greasy. To all that we must add how annoying it looks like white powder, and how every movement we make seems to detach it, a situation that is usually quite unpleasant.

The causes of dandruff can be many, such as a dry scalp, poor hygiene or even sensitivity to products to care for hair. And although there are many products available in stores and pharmacies that seek to attack dandruff, some home remedies work just as well.

Discover the best home remedies to get rid of dandruff.

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6 Home remedies against dandruff

1.Tea Tree Oil

Commonly used to treat acne and psoriasis, tea tree oil has the necessary properties to combat dandruff. This is because it directly attacks the root of the problem and the conditions that cause dandruff in the first place.

This oil has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, so to incorporate its use in our routine of hygiene for the hair should generate positive results.

2.Coconut oil

Apart from its popular health benefits in culinary matters, coconut oil is also famous for treatments for skin and hair.

Coconut oil helps improve hydration in the skin and prevents dryness, which directly prevents the development of dandruff. It is also used to improve hair hydration, so using it to fight dandruff will also give us that benefit.

3.Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a plant widely known for its medicinal properties, but we can say, with a good degree of security, that aloe Vera sees its strong point in the treatment for the skin.

Being of help in the treatment of burns, psoriasis and serving as a natural moisturizer for the skin, it is normal that we see aloe Vera appear among the most popular remedies against dandruff, also for its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

4.Minimize stress levels

It has been proven that stress is associated with many physical conditions that can afflict us and affect our well-being. And although stress is not directly the reason for having dandruff, if it has the capacity to aggravate the original causes of dandruff.

It is also demonstrated that a certain level of stress, maintained in a prolonged way, can affect our immune system, which, being sufficiently weak, will not be able to fight dandruff. Therefore it becomes vital to seek solutions to combat stress.

5.Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has been associated with several health benefits, such as weight loss and insulin sensitivity. But, besides that it has a good time being widely used in the treatment of dandruff, since it is understood that the acidity of the vinegar helps the scalp to get rid of dead cells.

It is also said that apple cider vinegar helps balance the pH of the skin, resulting in a progressive elimination of dandruff. However, this is one of those popular remedies and there are no serious studies to support it.

6.Increase your Omega 3 consumption

The Omega 3 plays an important role in our body. Not only is it part of the membranes that surround the cells, but it also plays a fundamental role in the regulation and functioning of the cardiac, immune and respiratory systems.

Due to its work in cellular matter, omega 3 helps us in the treatment for the skin and in hair health. It does so by improving the production of natural oil in the skin, which promotes accelerated wound healing and slower aging.

All these properties inevitably result in a great ally to combat dandruff. Therefore, we should look for ways to improve our Omega 3 consumption if we want to reduce dandruff.


However annoying and unpleasant the dandruff may be, with its itching or with its bad aspect, there are easy and quick ways to fight it, without resorting to pharmaceutical products. These are just 6 of the many tricks available to deal with it.


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