6 Ways To Keep Your Brain As Young As Your Body

Physical exercise is essential so that our body, muscles and heart remain strong, healthy and in good shape. But what about our brain? Will you need to exercise?

Like your body, your mind also needs regular training to make sure it stays healthy as you get older.

According to Dara Schwartz, a clinical psychologist at the Sharp Mesa Vista Hospital in San Diego, and Ruth Curran, a brain injury survivor and author of the book “Being Brain Healthy,” there are tools and techniques that put your brain to work to ensure a long life, healthy and happy

Discover 6 ways that will allow you to have your young and healthy brain.

6 ways to keep your brain young

1.Learn something new and complex

According to Dr. Schwartz, when talking about brain health, an apology is made to the gym’s training circuits. The first circuit you recommend is based on the idea of ​​learning something new, preferably something that is not easy for you. If it’s challenging and frustrating, it’s probably better for your brain.

For example, if you do not have a mechanical mind, try to learn some automotive skill, or if you are not a word person try to memorize the lyrics of a song or a poem.

2.Train your body

Part of the health of your brain includes making sure your body learns new things and get out of the routine. One of the techniques used by Ruth Curran to expand and increase neuronal activity is to walk in a different way than you are used to.

Curran recommends that you walk on the edges of the shoulder instead of the sidewalk, taking steps up and down as if you were knitting your legs instead of just going in a straight line. Forcing the brain to do something different is an excellent way to put it on alert and active.

3.Practice public speaking

Dr. Schwartz believes that one of the key exercises to keep your brain young and active is developing verbal fluency. If you find yourself struggling with the search for words within a conversation that is an example that your verbal fluency is decreasing as you get older.

To help you maintain this ability, Schwartz recommends the following:

  1. Public speaking.
  2. Research on an unknown topic or topic of interest to you, and then expose it for one to three minutes. You can talk loudly in front of a mirror, not necessarily with a person.

4.Use two senses together

Integrating multiple senses when you perform any activity is a good way to have your brain active. Curran for example recommends that you listen to music when you are cleaning or driving, this type of exercise helps you to have mental dexterity.

For her part, Dr. Schwartz recommends listening to an audiobook while cooking.

5.Work your short and long term memory

Developing skills such as long-term and short-term memory, as well as concentration, is another of Dr. Schwartz’s techniques for increasing the capacity of your brain.

To activate your memory you can focus on remembering what happened in your life during the year, or remember the activities you did the day before. You can also practice the memory and intelligence games known as “Simón dice”, which are excellent for concentration.

On the other hand, Curran recommends that you download applications with memory games to your phone.

6.Carry out a treatment if necessary

Suffering from anxiety or depression can have a great effect on the overall health of your brain. According to Dr. Schwartz, these conditions can cause the brain to slow down, even if you are practicing this circuit of activities.

Therefore, if you feel that you are struggling with any of these two problems, talk to your doctor to guide you to fight and overcome that condition and you can make the most of the exercises that we have proposed.


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