How to Make Diet for Golfers and what does it Contain?


Athletes require a planned diet to reach their maximum competitive performance. On this occasion, we will talk about the diet practiced by golfers. Golf is a sport of precision and resistance that takes place outdoors in fields of at least 6000 meters, which must be traveled in full at a good pace. It is there where the diet for golfers plays a fundamental role.

This is because,

“the physical and psychological wear generated by this practice can only be compensated with a balanced diet, capable of giving the golfer the necessary nutrients to improve their performance”.

A discipline such as golf offers the individual multiple benefits that contribute to their mental and physical health. Among them are:

  • Serve as an anti-stress mechanism
  • Stimulate the toning and flexibility of the body muscles
  • Improve concentration by focusing on each movement
  • Encourage circulation

However, it is necessary to prepare the player to travel long distances in areas with uneven surfaces, for long periods of time. This must be based on good nutrition that guarantees the energy replenishment of the body before, during and after a game.

In fact, a study conducted by specialists from the Rose Medical Center, United States, determined that the energy expenditure generated during a game of golf, in a 9-hole course, is as follows:

  • During a walking tour and carrying the bag itself, 721 calories are burned.
  • Using a manual cart, about 718 calories.
  • Accompanied by a candy – carrying the bag – 613 calories.
  • Those golfers who use cars for the entire trip, would burn 411 calories.

Based on this, in the following lines we will outline, in general, the food guidelines that golfers must follow to ensure an adequate physical recovery.

Diet for Balanced Golfers:

The key to making the most of it and avoiding the risks of fatigue or preventing future injuries falls on the golfer’s diet.


The hydration is an essential element when it comes to physical recovery. With it all the fluid lost through sweating is replenished, body temperature is regulated and blood pressure is lowered. Prior to a competition it is recommended to drink at least two glasses of water. During the course in the field it is necessary to hydrate every 20 minutes. Either with water, natural juices or isotonic drinks. And, at the end, you should consume fruit juices to recharge. With constant hydration, the levels of energy, resistance and coordination increase in the individual.


The necessary nutrients in the diet for golfers congregate in three large groups: carbohydrates, proteins and fats or lipids. These should be consumed in 6 daily meals, one every two hours, preferably. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), in conjunction with the World Health Organization (WHO), established the portions in which these foods should be consumed. Carbohydrates (where vegetables are found, pasta, brown rice, cereals, among others) will represent the main element of the diet. They should be ingested from 5 to 12 grams per Weight of weight per day, preferably those with low glycemic index. This represents a caloric contribution of 60%. The proteins (composed of lean meats, fish, and eggs, chicken, among others) should be consumed in 1.2 grams, representing 15% of the individual’s caloric intake. Finally, lipids or unsaturated fats (concentrated in foods such as avocado, olive oil, olives and nuts) should not exceed 25% of the daily contribution.


The sugar naturally is ideal for increasing the concentration during the game. It is found in foods such as cereal, bananas, fruits, chocolate and nuts. This, in turn, is favorable when it comes to focusing the movements and correcting the holes. In addition, it is necessary to avoid the consumption of fried foods, foods with high fiber content, heavy foods, alcohol and caffeine. What is the reason? These foods could hinder digestion, slow down the process or cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

Recommended Menu for Golf Training

The Roda Golf Club, based on the experience of its members, recommend the following diet for golfers:

  • Eat fish 4 times a week
  • Meats or vegetables only 3 times
  • 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily

Additionally, they present a potential menu for a training day:

  • The breakfast prior to exercise should be light but full of the nutrients needed to activate the body. For example, a toast with 90 grams of ham.
  • For the main meal a more complete dish should be prepared that provides the necessary caloric intake to fill the body with energy. The proposal is a potato cooked with breasts, accompanied by a salad to which olive oil will be added.
  • Finally, to snack, the consumption of fruit, nuts and a bit of dark chocolate in a diet for golfers is recommended.


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