Foods that help you to Lose Weight while Improving Immune System.

To lose weight while strengthening our defenses we must increase the consumption of natural foods, such as vegetables and fruits, without forgetting other sources of vitamins, such as nuts or eggs. The immune system in our body fulfills a main function that is to move away and avoid the risk of diseases and infections; the most common disease is influenza and it is attacked by the immune system, so it is essential that it is in good condition to fulfill its vital functions. Currently, people for aesthetics or health seek to lose weight, but in many cases losing weight can prevent you from consuming foods that strengthen the body’s immune system. To prevent this from happening, today we present a series of foods that are both benefits to lose weight and to improve the immune system of the human being. Enjoy them!

1. Vegetables

The first food on this list is vegetables, essential natural foods in anyone’s diet. Not only contributes to improve the body’s defense and to lose weight, but also provide large amounts of vitamins and minerals to maintain the well-being of our body. The most recommended vegetables in this case, to lose weight and improve the immune system are:

  • the spinach
  • the tomatoes
  • the arugula
  • The chard
  • broccoli
  • the asparagus
  • the different types of lettuce
  • the pumpkin
  • the carrot

2. Fruits

Like vegetables, fruits provide great benefits to the body, their nutritional contributions are essential for proper development of the body.  Fruits for their great contributions in vitamins and minerals allow improving notably to the immune system and for their low or null contribution of fats allow losing weight.

The most recommended fruits in this case are those that contain a lot of vitamin C, such as:

  • the Kiwi
  • the passion fruit
  • Citrus fruits such as orange, grapefruit, tangerine and lemon.

3. The Vegetables

In the third place, we postulate legumes,

“Legumes are a great source of proteins that can replace even meat”.

Legumes such as lentils, soybeans and their derivatives are the most recommended not only for their contribution of protein but also for iron.

4. The Cereals

Cereals such as brown rice, oats, wheat germ, among others, provide fiber to the body allowing weight loss, and have components such as iron, magnesium and zinc that benefit the immune system.

5. Eggs

The ingestion of eggs provides the protein necessary to improve the immune system and generates a state of satiety that reduces appetite and facilitates weight loss. It is recommended that this food be consumed three to five times a week.

6. Nuts

Nuts contribute to the body vitamins B and E Complex with this improving the immune system, have components that benefit the skin at the same time that give a feeling of satiety as well as the egg, thus avoiding the constant intake of food and allowing weight loss.

Recommendations and Ideal Foods to Lose Weight:

  • It is advisable. To maintain good body health and prevent weight gain, restrict the intake of soft drinks, energizers and alcohol, replacing them with natural juices that provide the beneficial properties of the fruit.
  • The apple is a very complete food, offers the body a rich source of proteins and various nutrients that allow the preservation of well-being and the improvement of the immune system. On the other hand, decreases the loss of appetite avoiding this constant consumption of unnecessary food for our body, as they only increase fat and weight. On the other hand, the apple is a fruit that allows freeing the body of fats and calories contributed by other foods included in the daily diet.
  • Dairy products and their fat-free derivatives also provide the body with nutritional properties that allow weight loss while providing an increase in the body’s defenses.

As we can see, there are different foods that provide a balance between health and aesthetics, but in the same way a healthy diet must be accompanied by other components to make it more effective, in this case one of the main components is physical activity. Exercise allows releasing toxins that harm the body; this is done at the same time that it allows to burn calories to lose weight and activate the body for the production of amino acids and proteins that allow the defense against infections and permanent bacteria in the environment. The immune system is one of the main systems that controls the production of diseases and can benefit from a diet that includes the previous foods, allowing in turn the weight loss and the low intake of fats that impair the proper functioning of the body.

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