Some Natural Herbs that Helps to Improve Fertility!

Many times couples undergo expensive medical or alternative treatments in order to improve fertility and have a child, however, there are also alternative and natural treatments (usually low cost), which can be used as a supplement to all others tips to get pregnant, which we have mentioned. The methods on which we will deepen today are the use of natural herbs to improve fertility. Herbal treatment is becoming quite popular lately in Western culture, since in Eastern culture it already has many thousands of years as a treatment for infertility, where it began to be used quite a lot by ancient Chinese dynasties.

Let’s review some medicinal plants to improve fertility and get pregnant.

Also called eleuthero, it is an herb that helps the immune system and has been used for a long time in Asia, in countries like China and Russia. In order to get pregnant, it helps the mobility of sperm (by the uterine cervix and the sperm itself). Before continuing, it should be noted that all these herbs help in male and female fertility (with the exception of the following, red clover).

  • Red Clover:

“Red clover is used to act in the person’s circulatory system, purifying the blood or improving circulation”.

However, it has recently been discovered that this indirectly helps improve female fertility, since it acts similarly to estrogen (the fundamental female hormone).

  • Licorice Root:

Licorice root acts as a regulator of estrogen and progesterone, allowing fertilization of the ovule. Its use is recommended during the first half of the menstrual cycle, that is, just after ovulation.

  • Dong Quai Root:

Dong Quai root is the most recognized in Eastern culture, which has been used for about two thousand years to improve fertility. This herb stimulates blood circulation to reproductive organs and kidneys (according to traditional Chinese medicine, an unhealthy kidney can cause infertility).

  • Chasteberry:

Chasteberry is an herb to treat the most used infertility in Europe, since its native production is in the Mediterranean sector. This herb is a treatment for 2 causes of infertility, first the insufficiency of the corpus luteum (which involves low levels of progesterone) and excess prolactin. This is a highly recommended herb.

  • Evening Primrose Oil:

Evening primrose oil has many benefits and preventive effects for diseases and disorders; however, in the aspect of fertility this would help to improve the quality of cervical mucus, which is fundamental for sperm mobility and its half-life (to fertilize the ovule). Even though its effectiveness in this last aspect, like some others, is not medically proven … Its use is safe and its benefits multiple.

  • Black Cohosh:

It is a natural herb that is proven to help relieve and reduce the symptoms of menopause, such as anxiety, night sweats, vaginal dryness, among others. However, it is said that it would also serve to treat infertility by the action of the phytoestrogens it contains, which have a function similar to female estrogen, stimulating ovulation. It is important to note that all these herbs to improve fertility, should be consulted with your doctor, as some of them may react with any medication that is being used. For the rest, any treatment must be duly observed by a qualified physician.


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