Reasons for Bloodshot Eyes: When should we worry about the red eye?

The red eye is a common condition, which may be due to superficial ocular inflammation. However, if there is a headache and red eyes it is important to see a doctor.

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Is it of concern to have the red eye without pain or itching?

It is usually due to a minor superficial ocular inflammation but it can also be a symptom of some disease, the most common causes are: due to conjunctivitis, dryness, and misuse of contact lenses, colds, and allergies, among others.  

If you want to read more about the red eye quasas read our guide.

The presence of a red eye is due to the blood vessels are swollen and dilate. Causing the ocular surface to look red.

It occurs very frequently, and there are certain signs and symptoms that must be observed to be able to go immediately to an ophthalmologist.

One of the symptoms that should alarm is when there is headache associated with red eyes.  

When should we worry about the red eye?

In spite of the fact that suffering from a red eye may be common or present in certain circumstances, it is necessary to go to the doctor when it is observed:  

  • Manifes blurred vision
  • There is nausea and vomiting
  • When in addition to the red eye there is pain in the same area
  • If the eye is red after having suffered an injury or blow, and this is accompanied by dizziness, pain
  • When accompanied by changes in vision
  • Headache or headache that does not go away

Causes of red eye

Undoubtedly, there are many causes that can cause a red eye, conjunctivitis is one of them, since it is the inflammation of the conjunctiva layer and even within this condition, certain types are classified, such as bacterial, viral, allergic, etc. . . .

It is accompanied by various symptoms, such as: discharge, pruritus, tearing, and usually lasts from one to three weeks. The use of antibiotics is common as a treatment, however, when conjunctivitis has developed; you should go to the doctor so that you can prescribe the appropriate treatment. Antibiotics are not always required.

Emergency signs for the red eye

  • If you have a red eye for several days, it does not improve after resting. If it does not improve taking certain cares at home such as: sleeping well, not watching television, or using the computer, and away from drafts.
  • One of the causes that cause the red eye is the presence of a foreign body. If this happens, it should be a reason to go to the doctor. The removal of the foreign body should be done as quickly as possible. This does not cause damage to the cornea.
  • If you take a treatment based on anticoagulants and notes the red eye. Above all, after a few hours the use of these drugs has begun. In these cases, you should go to the doctor to receive the best guidance about the medication, which could be a cause that is causing redness in one eye or both.
  • In addition to presenting the red eye, there is a certain sensitivity to light
  • If there is a yellow or greenish fluid that accumulates in the red eye, it may be an infection.

Eye and head pain

The symptom of red eye when accompanied by a headache is a reason for consultation; there are general diseases that can manifest with these two symptoms:  

  • Arterial hypertension
  • Migraine

Vision problems, (refraction) can generate red eye and headache. (myopia)

Headache and left eye / right eye and headache

  • Migraine type headache is characteristic that manifests on one side only.
  • Cluster headache, type of migraine that produces unilateral eye pain
  • Closed angle glaucoma, usually causes pain and red eye that may be unilateral
  • Infectious or inflammatory diseases deeper in the eye: Uveitis.

Why do the eyes hurt and the head hurt?

Eye and head pain is sometimes a manifestation of vascular problems, such as migraines or tension headaches. There are some rarer types of headache that cause red eye and eye pain on one side only.  

In cases of infections and glaucoma (increased intraocular pressure, both symptoms also occur

Use of drops in the red eye

Generally, when the red eye is present, drops or over-the-counter medications are used. The use of lubricating drops is valid and can improve the red eye when it comes to dry eye.

And when the redness is superficial, it can disappear after a few days or hours. But in the case of the use of certain drugs and drops, it can have a counterproductive effect. There are many ophthalmic drops available that have steroids. Its use should be restricted when the doctor has evaluated the case.

Therefore, it is not advisable to self-medicate. It could put your health at risk and there may also be other complications. Therefore, it is best to go to the specialist who, after a review and assessment, will determine the cause that caused the red eye. Afterwards, he will prescribe the right medication.  

eye-red2Caring for eyes requires the same care as any other part of the body. A good hydration and rest. Following certain protective measures will help to prevent this red eye problem from getting worse. In addition, in many cases, it can even prevent it from appearing.

Tips for the red eye

If you plan to be outdoors for a long time, it is advisable to wear glasses or sunglasses.

Avoid prolonged time on beaches or pools, as chlorine or salt, could favor the dry eye, which can lead to red eye.

If contact lenses are used, all measures must be taken to protect the eyes. Currently, there are many types of lenses that can be used, with some not recommended to sleep or bathe when they are used. Good hygiene is important and take all the necessary measures. This could not only favor the red eye, but also, infections could develop.

How to remove blood from the eye?

Subconjunctival hemorrhages (blood in the eye) are usually very benign. They occur due to the rupture of blood vessels on the surface of the conjunctiva. It is improved in a time of 7 days on average. There are no drops that improve this medical situation more quickly.

If you take aspirin or anticoagulants should be suspended, but before consulting the doctor.

You can use artificial tears or lubricating drops every 6 hours

Precautions with the red eye

If, along with the red eye, there is a loss of vision in general, no matter how long you have started to observe the inflammation and redness of the eyes, you should go immediately to the specialist for an assessment and timely diagnosis.

Do not use any type of drops, until they have been prescribed by the doctor, as for their treatment will require personalized attention.

Each organism is different, and even in cases of red eye, the symptoms can vary or could have diverse causes, therefore, it is important a monitoring by the ophthalmologist.

Should I worry about the red eye?

You have to take these symptoms into account always. Sometimes it can occur due to excessive fatigue, due to sleeplessness, or some effort when reading or studying. If it appears frequently it is necessary to visit the doctor.  

There are many causes that originate it; the most common are the presence of foreign bodies, allergies and environmental factors.

First of all, keep calm, if you see the headache and red eyes, you should go to the doctor and assess the problem. Avoid self-medicating

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