The 5 Amazing Reasons Why You Do Not Lose Weight!!

When you establish a work plan to lose weight and you feel that you have stagnated and you do not lose any weight, it can be extremely frustrating, especially if you think you are doing well.

You can say the following: “I am careful not to exaggerate the amount of food I eat , as healthy and low in calories; In addition, I have reduced the consumption of sugary drinks and I have even limited the consumption of fats, and still I do not lose weight: what am I doing wrong?

You probably only have to fine-tune some details in your diet and focus. For this, we show you a list of surprising reasons that may be the reason why your efforts to lose weight do not succeed.

5 amazing reasons why you do not lose weight 

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1.You underestimate the amount of food you eat

According to Sherry Pagoto, a clinical psychologist at the University of Massachusetts School of Medicine and a student of the science of obesity, we generally eat more than we think.

Therefore, you must be careful in the portions you are using; For example, if you prepare a milkshake in the morning and add cashew butter, make sure you are only adding exactly two tablespoons and do not do it to eye calculations. Usually, when you do not measure some ingredients tend to add more than the account.

On the other hand, if you go very often to restaurants that serve “healthy” foods, these are commonly inaccurate in the amounts they serve. Pagoto, who has visited different restaurants, says that in a plate of 1700 calories, it is likely that you are actually consuming 1900 calories.

2.You attend receptions and special events a lot

Surely when you attend a reception or special event, you do not resist to try those delicious baked and buttery snacks and you say, one or two will not hurt, right? They probably do not hurt you, but a whole holiday season, ingesting “just a little” and “just a few sips”, will make you increase a few kilos in time.

Therefore, if you are trying to eliminate those extra kilos, but do not really focus on your diet, and consume any type of food, you will not lose weight.

3.You do not take into account the muscle mass gained

Remove muscle mass, is the dream of a person who is on a diet. Many times, you do not notice that you are losing weight, because you are exercising so diligently that you have been replacing fat with your new muscle mass.

Joan Chrisler, a professor of psychology at the University of Connecticut and a student of the effect of weight loss in women, mentions that if you are working on a fairly demanding weight routine there is a possibility that your physical improvement will be reflected in your muscles, and instead of losing weight you are gaining muscle mass.

Therefore, a good indicator of the progress of your diet and exercises is how your clothes fit and how you feel, and not how much body weight you have.

4.You do not sleep enough

According to Pagoto, when you feel tired and sleepy, you want to encourage yourself by eating some unhealthy foods to increase your energy, and the last thing you want to do is exercise when you are falling asleep at your desk at 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

Therefore, it is important that you have a B plan at hand and take a healthy snack to your work , which will allow you to increase your energy. Remember, if you consume unhealthy foods, you are giving a fall to your diet and therefore your efforts will be lost.

5.You set yourself too high goals

Pagoto advises that you set yourself a goal to lose realistic weight. Research data says that the greater the goal you want to achieve with your weight, the more likely you are to be disappointed that you do not achieve it.

Therefore, look for small and easier targets, as long as you meet them and see the results achieved, propose new objectives, and so on, until you reach your ideal weight .

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