The 5 Best exercises to lose weight and tone your arms fast!!

Many women do not like to have big arms, but do not worry, it has a solution, you only have to do the exercises to lose weight, I show you how to follow a low calorie diet to lose weight.

How can you lose weight and tone your arms?

Only doing diet and arm exercises. Exercise helps you tone your arms, but without dieting you will not be able to eliminate extra fat from your arm.

You can not lose arm-only fat (unless you have a liposuction of arms), you spend losing fat all over your body so that you lose fat from your arms, and this is only achieved with diet, you take a low-calorie diet, I recommend you follow the ketogenic diet.

Exercises to lose weight and tone your arms:

Performing these exercises helps you tone your arms, improve circulation, oxygenation, prevent flaccidity and lose weight.

Do these exercises to lose weight and tone your arms:

Exercise 1: Arms raised with dumbbell

This exercise works quadriceps, arms; in addition you will have the benefit of working on the muscles of the abdomen.

Execution mode:

Standing, with your legs together and your arms close to your body, raise one leg with your knee flexed, so that that foot touches the opposite knee. Contract the abdomen and now stretch that leg forward with the pointed foot. While doing this, raise your arms as if you were a bird (it is recommended to use a dumbbell), re-flex the leg while lowering the arms. Do ten repetitions with each leg.

Exercise 2: Push-ups

This exercise is very complete, since in addition to helping to tone the arms, also works shoulders, lower back, abdominal muscles, and chest.

Execution mode:

Standing, with your legs together, bend to the front and place your hands on the floor, “walking” candles forward, so that your body is fully extended, but not resting on the ground. You will remain on the hands and the tips of your feet, as in an iron. Contract the abdomen, keeping the pelvis in a straight line with the spine. Now, slowly bend your elbows as if you were doing a lizard. Hold two seconds, return to the iron and walk with your hands, towards the feet back, go raising the trunk little by little to the starting position. Do 10 repetitions

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Exercises 3: Lateral lifts with dumbbells

The use of weights is one of the most recommended exercises to lose weight and tone the arms. Since it works the muscles allowing them to look firm. If you are new to this, it is recommended that you start with low weight, in addition to being used as a complement to the exercise routine. In addition to the repetitions are 12 to 15, twice a week, it will be enough to start, because if you do not rest the muscles can be injuries. If you want to implement more complete routines, go with an expert so he can guide you about the right weight for you.

Execution mode:

With a straight standing position. Separate the feet, at the height of the hips. With your knees slightly bent, take the weights you have chosen or made at home, and begin to raise one arm or both at an angle of 90 ° with your elbows. Take care to keep the front of your arms parallel to the lying down, keep your back straight. To repeat the exercise, drop your weight on your hips, and place your arms straight at your sides. Do 12 to 15 repetitions.

It is important that each of the exercises is done in the proper posture and with the suggested time, without forcing the body, to avoid injuries to the muscles.

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Exercise 4: Push-ups with ball

The best exercises that help you lose weight and tone your arms are those that allow you to work your biceps and triceps, this is simple, and you only need a ball (for exercise).

Execution mode:

Standing in a straight position, place the ball against the wall, followed by your forearms, this in front of your chest, push all your weight on the ball with your arms, rolling the ball towards your hands, this to extend your arms, and slowly returns to the initial position after a break of a few seconds. Do not bend the knees.

Another alternative exercise for weight loss arms

With the same position but without the use of the ball, you can lean against the wall, with your arms and do some push-ups, again without bending your knees. You can start five and then ten repetitions. Resting and starting again.

Exercise 5: Arm lift with ball

Another exercise that you should not miss to be able to tone your arms, is this, use the same exercise ball used in the previous routine. And you will only need a dumbbell additionally.

Execution mode:

Kneel on the floor in front of the ball, and rest an arm over it, while with the other hand held a dumbbell. Raise it to your shoulder without moving the arm position, do it slowly, do ten repetitions and alternate with the other arm. Take care to keep your back and upper arms firm.

Remember to perform a previous warm-up, before performing the exercises to tone your arms, in addition to feeding and hydrating properly.

Exercises to lose weight women without weights

1.Sliding arms

This exercise is great to activate your arms, especially the triceps, and is also ideal for exercising most of your muscle core.

According to the Mayo Clinic, arm slides that are part of a basic exercise routine can improve overall balance, as well as body stability and alignment.

What will you need to do this exercise? Sliders, paper plates or two small towels.

To do this exercise, follow the instructions:

  • Kneel with your hands on both sides of your body, with an opening similar to the space that separates your shoulders. Both hands should be on the sliders.
  • You can use a mat under your knees to make it more comfortable, especially if you suffer from joint pain in that region or if the floor is very rigid.
  • Contract the abdomen and proceed to pull the navel towards the spine keeping it straight and sliding the arms in front of you to bring the chest to the ground.
  • Then, slide the arms backwards, towards the knees and return to the initial position without bending the elbows.
  • Be careful not to arch your back while sliding your arms. You must remain focused on keeping your back straight and your abdomen contracted.


  • For greater ease, you can do this exercise by individually sliding each arm.
  • Also, you can get all the benefits without touching the chest with the floor. Just go as low as you can, stopping just before. This way you will not be able to return to the starting position with your arms straight so you will have to bend your elbows a little.
  • If you want to make it more challenging and increase the level, slide your arms while doing an iron and keep your knees off the ground throughout the exercise.

2.Rebound with a ball

This is one of the exercises for weight loss that gives better results because it is a plyometric exercise.

This means that it is based on fast and powerful movements that involves the pre-stretching of the muscle and activates the cycle of stretching and shortening of the fiber to subsequently produce a stronger contraction of the same.

Therefore, you will need speed and strength. In addition, bouncing with ball adds a bit of cardio to your workout.

Required equipment: Medicine ball or blow ball.


  • Stand with your feet at hip height and hold the ball in your chest.
  • Lift the ball up and slightly behind your head.
  • Bend your knees and proceed to throw the ball to the ground as hard as you can, as a bounce.
  • Catch the ball when it bounces or lift it if it does not and take it back over your head.
  • While performing these movements, you must have your spine fully straight and use your knees to get up.


  • Before starting this exercise to tone and thin your arms, prove that your ball does not bounce so aggressively.
  • The ball or ball must be relatively heavy but its weight does not exceed your capacity because otherwise it will prevent you from doing all the movement with your back straight.
  • This exercise should be done fluently. Once you finish a repetition, use the slight bounce of the ball to start the next series.
  • Strive to maintain your heart rate and fluidity in movements.
  • Start with the number of repetitions you can tolerate in 20 to 30 seconds for 3 to 5 sets.
  • Of course, make sure you rest properly between sets, but do not let your body cool down.
  • Stop when you are fatigued and you can no longer hold the ball over your head safely or you can not keep the spine straight throughout the movement.


The National Strength and Conditioning Association recommends that 48 hours are required to recover after plyometric training. Therefore, be careful to give your arms a rest from these intense exercises until you have recovered from the high impact.

3.Exercises for arms with resistance band for biceps

You will need a resistance band. Choose the one you can tolerate. To do this exercise follows these instructions:

  • Step on the band just below the arch of your feet.
  • Grab the ends of the band so that your palms face forward and your arms are at your side.
  • Pressing your elbows against your ribs, slowly bend your arms to bring your hands to your shoulders.
  • Slowly lower your hands back to the sides and repeat.


  • Do not swing or lean back to raise your hands.
  • Your body must remain completely straight, erect and without moving except for the arms.

4.Cross resistance band

This exercise focuses on working the deltoid muscle that gives shape to your shoulder and the upper part of the back, the rhomboid.

  • Standing, place the right leg facing the left. Bend the right leg while keeping the left straight and tilt the top (tilting your weight) forward from the waist.
  • Place a resistance band under your right foot and take the ends of the resistance band with both hands.
  • The arms should extend in front of you, with a slight flexion in them. The hands should be placed approximately at the level of the abdomen. That will be your starting position.
  • Now, open your arms to the sides and upwards, just as if you imitated the flight of a bird, until the elbows are higher than the back.


  • Squeeze the shoulder blades towards the spine while the arms are sideways and upwards.

Exercises to lose weight arms women with weights

For these exercises, the weights to use can be the dumbbells that are more practical and take up less space or if you have the weight machine because it is also valid. Let’s start!

1.Lifting weights in a bench

This dumbbell exercise challenges your muscles and helps decrease muscle imbalances or weakness between one arm and the other. While you may know this exercise to be directed more towards exercising the chest, the fact of doing the weight lifting lying on a bench makes the deltoid, triceps and lateral muscles strengthen.

You will only need the two dumbbells and a bank.

  • Lie on your back with your back flat on the bench and your feet firmly on the floor. If by your height or the height of the bench does not allow your feet do not touch the ground, you can place some plates or something similar so that the feet can rest there and give you a stable position. If not, also place the feet on the bench by flexing the knees.
  • Keep your spine in a neutral position, that is, let your lumbar spine follow its slight curvature and contract the abdomen.
  • Take the shoulder blades away from the ears, which will cause them to be slightly together. The shoulders, hips and head should be firm in the bank.
  • Keep your arms against your sides while lifting the weights.
  • The palm of the hands should face forward during movement or at a 45 degree angle.
  • Slowly lower the weights towards the chest with the elbows at the sides, keeping them tight during the whole movement to work the triceps.


  • If you do not have a bank available, you can do it on the floor.
  • Another alternative to this exercise is to perform it on your feet and you will work the biceps since you will raise the dumbbells forward towards the chest, while the elbows are pressed against the side. Do not forget to always maintain a proper initial posture: Straight back and legs open at the same height of your shoulders.

2.Alternating hammer

With this exercise to lose weight arms you will also be toning your biceps.

  • Hold the weights or dumbbells in each hand and stand with your feet spread to the same width as your shoulders. The arms should be slightly flexed and the palms of the hands inward toward the body.
  • Slowly proceed to raise the right arm towards the shoulder on the same side.
  • Slowly lower and now repeat the same movement, but with the left arm and continue alternating.


  • Keep the movements controlled and do not use the impulse or swing the upper body during exercise.
  • Make sure you have your elbows near your sides.

3.Exercise for triceps with weights

As you can see in the image, the ideal is to have a space, no matter if it is a gym machine, you can use an armchair to flex a knee on it and allow you to do the most comfortable exercise. Although you can also do it on the floor.

  • Kneel on hands and knees. Grab a dumbbell or dumbbell with your right hand and lift that elbow until the top of your arm is at the same level as your back. That will be your starting position.
  • Move the raised arm back until your hand, elbow and shoulder have formed a straight line.
  • Slowly and controlly, lower your arm back to the starting position. Repeat one more set on the right arm before switching to the left side.

Tip: Keep your elbow firm and in the same position throughout the movement. Do not block it when you stretch your arm.

  • Extension of sitting triceps
  • Sit on a stable ball or on a chair and take one of the dumbbells or weights with both hands.
  • Extend your arms up, towards the ceiling, keeping them close to your ears and always with your back straight. This will be your initial position.
  • Next, bend your elbows by carrying the dumbbell behind your head until it touches your shoulders.
  • Now straighten the arms bringing the dumbbell to the ceiling.

A good advice is that you do not block your elbows when you have straight arms, that is, you do not need to stretch them in their entirety. Also, be sure to make the complete movement, from the roof to the shoulders, to direct the exercise to tone the triceps.

Tricep sitting extensions with dumbbell

Exercises to lose weight women at home

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