The 5 Errors That Are Causing You Not To Lose Weight

We all know that the less body fat we have, the better our abs will look. Sometimes it is very difficult to lose those extra pounds for more than we try and this may be because we make many mistakes that prevent us from achieving our goal.

Trying to leave our bad habits behind can be overwhelming, especially if we try to leave them all at the same time. Change them slowly and one at a time is the best way to sculpt a thinner figure, have a better physique and keep them for life.

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5 errors that prevent you from losing weight

1.Skip meals or snacks

Not eating sabotages your body’s ability to control your appetite. If you skip a meal your brain will not have the energy to keep you from eating uncontrollably later.

It is very easy to avoid this, simply distribute the calories you will consume in three meals of 500 calories each and two snacks of 100 to 200 calories each. The most important thing is to set the goal of not being restricted, because the restriction leads to overeating .Skipping meals make you gain weight

2.Eat fast

Eating slower and savoring food gives your body time to realize when it is full and so you do not feel like eating too much.

The levels of satiety hormones are highest 30 minutes after they started eating. If you take less time than that eating, you could continue to eat food even if your body already has the amount of food it needs.

Give your body time to tell you if you have eaten enough. One trick to accomplish this is to inhale and exhale as you count to five slowly, and repeat three to five times before eating.

3.Eat salty snacks

The sodium causes our appetite increases. Many times we eat salty snacks although we do not realize, as when we eat popcorn at the movies, potatoes during a football match or peanuts at a bar. The appetite for salt decreases after a couple of weeks with a low salt diet. Not many people are willing to change their favorite snack for a carrot, but they should try. Another way to reduce the amount of salt we eat is not to add salt when we are cooking, but when the food is already served. It is easier to notice the taste of the salt when it is on the surface of the food than when it is incorporated during the preparation process. Salty snacks increase your appetite

4.Drinking alcohol

Alcohol is the cause of many ills, including weight gain and inability to lose it. Drinking two beers per night is equivalent to consuming 2000 calories a week. This would make you need more than two hours of running to burn that many calories.

Try to stop drinking for a week and check your weight, you will see that it is already giving results. And if you are going to have a social event, look for low carb drinks.Drinking less alcohol helps you lose weight

5.Eat in front of the television and then fall asleep

When eating in front of the television you are eating calories while you do not burn any, and when you fall asleep you sabotage your secret weapon to lose weight : sleep. People who eat while watching TV consume more calories and are less active than those who do not.

If you want to watch television you can use it as a reward after a training session. Try to have a regular time to go to sleep and not lose any sleep. Eating in front of the television prevents you from losing weight


Small errors add up to make bigger mistakes. These habits may not seem like a big deal, but if you do it all the time, or if you have several of these habits, it can seriously affect your ability to lose weight.

Try to leave a couple of these habits so that you can see how your workouts begin to give better results, and how this will also be reflected in your body composition.

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