The 6 ways to abandon a diet based on junk food

The times are busy times, responsibilities and other tasks that make you run from one place to another without stopping to think about your lifestyle, but especially in your daily diet. This rhythm of life in turn forces you to take a diet based on fast foods such as hamburgers, pizzas, cakes, cookies and soft drinks.

However, when you make a stop on the scale to weigh yourself or get to an appointment with the doctor, you realize that your values ​​are not quite right and that you must make a drastic change in the foods you are consuming in your daily diet. But how do you do it without having to change all your routine?

We present 6 simple ways to abandon a diet based on junk food.

How to stop a diet based on junk food

1.Reduce the dressing of your salads

The dressing of your salads is an important source of sodium. Sodium is the element with the greatest responsibility for generating an increase in your blood pressure, as well as generating other preventable diseases.

The American Heart Association estimates that only by reducing sodium consumption could more than half a million lives be saved in the next decade. Therefore, if you want to improve your diet and increase your intake of vegetables, a good idea is to place only a small part of your dressing or even replace it with honey or others with lower salt content.

2.Decrease the consumption of cheese

Cheese, although it can provide some positive nutrients such as protein and potassium, is not only another important source of sodium, but also saturated fat.

To feel that you are eating a delicious sandwich, you do not necessarily have to put cheese on it automatically; You can replace it with other tasty condiments such as mustard that is lower in calories and contains antioxidants, or other types of healthier fats , such as olive oil.

3.Substitute sweets for fruit

Desserts such as donuts, cookies, cakes and all kinds of sweets are a triple threat to your health, since they usually combine a pump of calories, sodium and added sugar.

A reduced amount every so often may not represent a greater impact on your health if you do not consume them daily in your daily diet. However, instead, the best you can do is replace them with fresh and whole fruits or even other antioxidant foods such as dark chocolate , which will fill you with much more vitality and health.

4.Check your consumption of refined flours

You cannot imagine a diet that does not include pizzas, pastas or bread, right? But this is not necessary if you just want a healthier diet. What you can do is make your own masses with whole grain or whole meal flours; and if it’s pizza, put a larger proportion of vegetables than dough. You can even put a cheese low in calories.

5.Eliminates sugary drinks and juices

Only by eliminating the soft drinks will you have already taken a giant step to lose weight, since these represent almost half of all the consumption of added sugar from an average diet.

Be careful also with fruit juices, because, precisely because they are made of fruit, they seem to be healthier; however, the added sugar can be almost equal to that of a soda.

Consuming the whole fruit will give you many more nutrients and fewer calories.

6.Add beets to your diet

Beets are a very healthy way to add sweetness to your juices and meals. It gives you antioxidants in addition to reducing your blood pressure and increasing your blood flow when you exercise because it increases your metabolism.


Changing your diet completely, in principle can seem like a titanic task; however, changing small elements one by one can make you achieve a great change without much effort.

Change the dressing of your salads, decrease the cheese, incorporate fruits instead of sweets, make masses healthier and incorporate beets in your juices instead of sodas and sugars, it can take you to a diet and a much healthier, energetic and vital life .

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