What are the Steps to be Followed before Starting a Diet?


Preparing before starting the diet is essential to achieve your goals successfully. We give you 6 recommendations that you must follow before starting a diet. If you are willing to start a diet is because you want to make a change in your lifestyle. Therefore, giving continuity to a diet plan that is balanced and healthy should not be a punishment. In a short period of time you will feel physically and psychologically better, with more energy and with desire to conquer the world.

“Improving your eating habits will allow you to have less risk of suffering diseases and thus prolong your life expectancy”.

If you have already decided to start eating healthy, you should know that there are certain rules that you must follow at the beginning of this process. They are very simple tips that will make it easier to eliminate those extra Weight. For better results, read these recommendations before starting a diet. They will complement all the information you have about food and allow the development to be more pleasant. Remember that diets are a practical solution.

6 Recommendations You Must Follow Before Starting a Diet:

1. Visit to a Specialist

When the desires to lose weight are guided by our most excessive impulses, the results will only be the consequences of our bad decisions. Attend a specialist, in matters of health and diet is our best advisers. The nutritionist or dietitian will plan the best food plan that suits your characteristics and will advise you how to face the new stage. Do not make hasty decisions. Science and, in this case, medicine, are our best allies.

2. Convince Yourself that it is the Best Solution to Lose Weight

Maybe you start a diet because you’ve heard about it. Maybe this decision goes against your will or you think that you will not be able to achieve it. But, if you really want to achieve your ideal weight you have started one of the most important stages of your life. Diet is your best decision, as long as you are willing to follow the diet established for you, according to your characteristics and expectations. Being convinced of this is the key to a successful conclusion. So before you start a diet, ask yourself why you are going to do it and what you want to achieve. That motive will be the one that impels you to overcome obstacles. Make a list with the pros and cons of making a diet, stick it in a visible place, and make that role your guide.

3. Portray the Before and After

Positive changes always motivate us to move forward. So before starting a diet we recommend that you take a picture. Then, with the passage of time, review each change. It can be a portrait every month. So you will see the results. Many times losing weight becomes a slow process and we do not realize our evolution. We assure you that a photo can make you see the change and will make you feel more motivated.

4. Set Realistic Goals

The beauty patterns that society has imposed on us are, in most cases, far from what we can really achieve. If to start a diet only the body of the models motivates you, we have to tell you that you are going the wrong way. You must consider real objectives that adapt to your characteristics. You should look for a healthy weight, not the famous television personality, singer or athlete. It is also important that you define what you want to do, whether to lose weight or strengthen your muscles. Depending on this, you should plan your Eating. If you want muscle mass, you should eat proteins because they are the ones that help to generate and form the tissues of the body. But if you want to eliminate the extra Weight, avoid refined flours and saturated fats.

5. Remember that there are No Miracle Diets

Say no to the diets that offer you to eliminate many Weight in tiny periods of time. The “miracle diets” will only cause problems because they will subject your body to a restrictive regime of essential nutrients. The truth is that many of these diets work in a short time. But, in the medium and long term, you may get twice the Weight you lowered, you will retain fluids and your muscle mass will disappear.

6. Detoxify Your Body

Before starting a diet it is important that you eliminate all those substances that your body retains and generate diseases and discomforts. These are toxins and free radicals that harm the body. Discarding them will help you lead a healthier life and allow your body to function optimally. In the case of diets it is important to carry out a prior detoxification so that the results are more effective. During this process, you should avoid:

  • Junk food.
  • Alcohol and tobacco
  • Salty snacks
  • Industrial bakery

These recommendations will make this stage not a punishment for you. Starting a diet is the best decision you have made but, like everything else in life, you must have a share of responsibility and desire to reach the top.


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